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Nip Tuck Vacation

Nip tuck vacation/ Medical tourism                              

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Medical tourism generally means travelling to a distant place for medical treatment. This could be to avail treatment unavailable in one’s place, for better expertise, to reduce waiting time or for cost benefit. 

Nip- tuck vacation specifically refers to combining vacation with Plastic surgery abroad. Combining cosmetic surgery and vacation is popular and safe because most cosmetic surgeries are at skin level and so hospital stay is minimal and recovery is relatively faster. That makes the whole process more predictable and suitable for planned holiday as well as cosmetic surgery.  The cost factor is also a major boon. Lot of people like to get away from prying eyes while going under the  knife and recovering. “Physical and mental rejuvenation” is what you can get from a nip tuck vacation!! As you return from holidays, you feel better and look great too!

Typically, cosmetic surgery in Kerala is a lot cheaper compared to developed countries. Since the level of surgical expertise and medical care in India is up to international benchmarks, having nip-tuck vacation in Kerala is safe and cost effective.

Nip tuck vacation in India is already very popular among non resident Indians and Keralites as they can get cosmetic surgery done during  the annual vacations. Since Indians are already familiar with the hospitals and good quality of care available here, they are eager for medical holidays in India. Medical tourism to Kerala from western countries is increasing as appreciation spreads by word of mouth from happy clients.

Kerala as nip tuck destination 

Hills in Munnar

Kerala is blessed with astonishing greenery, natural beauty, warm sunny weather and above all good natured & educated people. Kerala is fondly referred to as “God’s own Country”.The spices trade from Kerala made it a sought after place by early european and arabian traders. Kerala has had ties with foreign people, their culture and traditions for more than 2000 years. Kerala has emerged as one of the most favoured tourist destination for domestic and overseas travellers in the last 3 decades. Kerala was selected as one of top thirteen paradises of the world by National Geographic travel magazine1.

Kerala has a great workforce in health care that is well trained, experienced and willing to go the extra mile in delivering quality care. Although a small state in India, Kerala has nearly the same population as that of Australia!! Catering to so many people helps the healthcare professionals in Kerala gain a lot of experience and skill in a relatively short period of time. Healthcare delivery in Kerala is  the best and most discussed by health officials and planners in India. Healthcare and human development indices of Kerala are the best in India and comparable to developed countries. Kerala has the maximum literacy and life expectancy in India. Doctors and nurses from Kerala working in countries like US, UK, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE etc are well liked and respected for their gentle nature, attitude and high level of skill and knowledge.That makes Kerala not just a beautiful place, it’s one of the best places for medical tourism/ nip tuck vacation . Medical tourism to Kerala from countries like Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Kenya is now on the upswing. Non resident malayalees in US,UK and Europe prefer to get elective treatments and surgeries done in Kerala.

Best time for vacation in Kerala

Kerala has pleasant and equable tropical climate. Its warm and sunny most of the time except during the monsoons.  September to February is the best time to visit Kerala. March- June is summer and is usually hot and humid. June-August is Monsoon time and not a good time for outdoor activities.


Tourist attractions in Kerala 

Being a small state with varied geography and rich history, Kerala offers  fabulous opportunity for tourists. Palm fringed Beaches, Serene backwaters, Waterfalls, highlands, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, bustling markets and shopping places, malls, detoxification and massage centers, kerala cuisine, seafood… the list is long and most interesting.

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Cosmetic Procedures suitable for nip tuck vacation in Kerala

Ideal procedures for nip ‘n’ tuck vacation should have fast recovery and short follow up time. In that respect, Breast surgery ( breast augmentation, breast lift, breast breast reduction), liposuction, facial implants surgery, hair transplantation, filler injections, gynecomastia(male breasts), mini tummy tuck are ideal. For these procedures one week in Kerala will be sufficient is proper planning is done prior to reaching here.  Combine cosmetic surgery with a great vacation in Kerala,India !

Cosmetic surgeries like Full tummy tuck, body lift, Rhinoplasty, face and neck lift need more recovery time. 2 weeks is usually sufficient. Combined procedures also need more post op recovery time in India. After return to your country, you can be in touch with your surgeon by phone, email or Whatsapp. Enjoy top notch surgical care at the best destination in India.

 Contact Dr. Hari Menon to plan your Nip Tuck Vacation in India

Dental and cosmetic procedures

Dental tourism is also becoming popular in Kerala. Excellent quality dental rehabilitation is easily available at a  fraction of the cost when compared to western countries. Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry are most in demand. Combining cosmetic surgery with dental makeover saves you time and money significantly. The recovery time after cosmetic surgery can be well utilized for dental treatment. Some dental rehabilitations need multiple stages and 2-3 weeks to complete. Cosmetic surgeries especially body procedures can be planned along with such treatments. 

Combined cosmetic surgeries

Once a plan has been made to travel to India for cosmetic plastic surgery, it is better to maximize the gains. Some cosmetic procedures can be combined safely without increasing risks or recovery time.

Most commonly combined esthetic procedures in Kerala are- 

Tummy tuck and Breast surgery

Liposuction and breast surgery

Facelift and chin augmentation

Liposuction and hair transplantation

Rhinoplasty and liposuction

Tummy tuck and thigh lift

Tummy tuck, Breast surgery and Vaginoplasty (Mommy makeover) 

How to ensure safety of medical care abroad

The most important considerations for  the medical tourists are-

  1. Quality standards at hospital
  2. Surgeon’s qualification and experience
  3. Quality of implants if any used
  4. Availability of English speaking staff
  5. Ease of communication with treating team
  6. Transparency at all levels