Safe Cosmetic surgery India @ Cochin, Kerala

Safe Cosmetic Surgery

For patients planning to undergo cosmetic surgery, safety is of utmost importance. Being a totally elective procedure, any complication will be a serious concern to you and for the surgeon too.

Risks/complications in any surgery cannot be completely eliminated but can be minimized to acceptable levels. As the art and science of cosmetic surgery advances, the safety of procedures is also increasing.

The safety of a cosmetic  procedure is improved by adopting the following measures-

  1. Selection of the best technique for a particular case
  2. Proper and thorough evaluation prior to surgery
  3. Exercising requisite skill in carrying out the surgery and post op care
  4. Procedures to be performed only in quality accredited surgical facility
  5. Complete compliance by the patient to surgeon’s pre and post operative advice
  6. Ability to detect problems early and correct them
  7. Needless to say, the quantity and quality of the surgeons experience in a particular field is critical in the quality of outcome. Cosmetic surgery is a specialized branch of Plastic surgery requiring focused training and surgical experience in cosmetic surgery procedure

Make sure that you do sufficient research in selecting your surgeon. As a patient you have the right to get information regarding the credentials of your surgeon and his experience in that particular surgery.

As a patient you should make full disclosure about medical conditions, medications, previous major surgeries and any previous allergies and complications. Your cooperation will in?uence the outcome of your surgery.

While the results of many cosmetic surgical procedures are often permanent, there can be changes as you age or due to other circumstances. That’s why it is suggested that you maintain regular follow-up examinations. By staying in touch with your cosmetic surgeon, you can enjoy continued quality care.

Dr. Hari Menon practises evidence based cosmetic surgery in India. The procedures are carried out in the best hospitals/ clinics that adhere to safety norms and international guidelines in infection control, patient safety and other quality management parameters.