Cosmetic surgery after Pregnancy @ Cochin, Kerala, India. Mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover

Body makeover for mothers’ 

You have children?!! You don't look like a mother!!

That’s probably the best compliment a young mother can receive. There are a few who are lucky in this regard and some more have worked hard to keep their body well-toned even after pregnancy. But for a vast majority, pregnancy and childbirth are important milestones following which there is a ‘let go’ on keeping a good figure. This may not always be because of laziness or lack of desire, many times the changes in the body brought about by child birth are so marked that diet and exercise alone may not be enough to regain the attractive body that one had.

Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy 

The modern woman does not want to be typecast as a mother with “motherly” looks. They want to look active, energetic and in sync with the rest of the young crowd- the Gen X moms. Self-esteem and confidence are very important and it is for these reasons that cosmetic surgery is being sought after by the young mothers. Cosmetic surgery can certainly help you regain a well-toned attractive look even after multiple child births.Body makeover for mothers is a unique combination of services that are designed with your needs in mind. 

Changes in body after pregnancy 

Common aesthetic problems following pregnancy and childbirth- 

1.Excess fat deposits in lower body.

 2.Loose skin in the lower abdomen with or without significant abdominal muscle weakness. 

3.Loss of breast volume and sagging of  breasts

Mommy makeover surgery 

‘Body make over for mothers’ is customized to attain the changes that you expect. The procedures performed include- 

?Fine definition liposuction for resistant fat deposits

?Mini/full abdominoplasty

?Breast lift with or without implants

?Vaginoplasty for vaginal wall tightening 

Mommy makeover in Kerala 

Mommy makeover procedures are increasing in frequency in Kerala. As the younger women now prefer well fitted clothes, maintaining good body figure has now become more important.  Most women seek tummy reduction and breast lift. Women with severe looseness of vaginal wall affecting sexual pleasure seek vaginal tightening procedure.

To know more about these cosmetic surgery procedures in Cochin, India and the surgical plan for you, please send your enquiry to Dr. Hari Menon.