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Lakeshore cosmetic surgery center

Kerala’s first cosmetic surgery department headed by Dr. Hari Menon started in 2010. Since then, this center is regarded as the best place for cosmetic surgery in Kerala. For more than a decade now, Lakeshore cosmetic surgery dept. has delivered quality care with good safety standards for all major cosmetic surgeries. This center is part of a NABH quality accredited hospital with all facilities available. When the Lakeshore cosmetic surgery dept. was envisaged as the only dedicated cosmetic surgery center in Kerala in 2010, it was seen as a challenging proposition. But the focus on only cosmetic surgeries paid off and it soon became the most sought after place for cosmetic surgery in Kerala. Lakeshore hospital has acquired fame in .....

Consultant Cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Hari Menon M.S;M.Ch

It is not surprising that Dr. Hari is regarded as the best cosmetic surgeon in Kerala and among the most popular. Dr. Hari has 20+ years’ experience in Plastic surgery. He was selected for M.Ch program in Mumbai’s Grant medical college, a premier and pioneering institute for plastic surgery in 2001. He further worked in a dedicated cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai for 5 years before starting the Lakeshore cosmetic surgery dept. When Dr. Hari decided to be an exclusive cosmetic surgeon at the beginning of his career, he was among only a handful of such Plastic surgeons in India. Dr. Hari pioneered keyhole gynecomastia surgery in Kerala. Drain-less tummy tuck and breast reduction surgeries is the routine here since 2010, much before most surgeons in India. In the last 13 years thousands of cosmetic surgeries have been done at his dept. Tummy tuck, breast reduction, gynecomastia surgery, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, .....

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Fat reduction by liposuction is now a common surgery. Liposuction helps to get rid of the fat bulges on tummy, hips, thighs, arms or back. The extra fat is sucked out through tiny holes to create a better body shape. Fat reduction results in inches loss from stubborn areas of fat deposition. Dr. Hari chooses the safest and most effective method of liposuction from options available like tumescent lipo, power lipo, VASER, super wet SAL etc. Liposuction is also done as a part of tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery.

Tummy tuck

A bulging tummy even after delivery bothers many Indian women. In some cases, they say "this is like permanent pregnancy". A big belly does not look nice in fashionable clothes or even in work uniforms. This has resulted in a big increase in tummy tuck surgery in Kerala. Tummy tuck is a combination of fat reduction, skin tuck and muscle tightening done together to create a flat and attractive belly. Diastases of the rectus muscle can be severe in some cases and even may have hernia.

Breast reduction

For women with large heavy breasts, every day feels like a struggle. The weight of the breasts cause shoulder pain, bra strap abrasions and even getting proper inner wear is a problem. There is the body image issue too. Breast reduction surgery relives women from these issues by making the breasts smaller and uplifted. There is immediate relief of the heaviness and related problems. Breast reduction surgery helps women with big breasts to regain their confidence and engage in all physical activities.


Rhinoplasty to improve the nose shape is a popular surgery in Kerala. Rhinoplasty requires more skill than other cosmetic surgeries. In Rhinoplasty changes are made to the bone and cartilage frame of the nose to improve nose shape. Open Rhinoplasty is preferred by Dr. Hari Menon. In Kerala, broad tip, shallow bridge, deviated nose and wide nostrils are the common nose shape problems. Bony hump on nose and large noses are also corrected. Most cases of Rhinoplasty can be done as day care surgery.

Hair transplantation

Hair loss is a major issue for men in Kerala. Usually it starts in the 20's age and results in older look and loss of confidence. Male pattern baldness can be treated by hair transplantation. Follicles from back of head are transplanted to the front area where it is more important for appearance. The follicles grow like normal hair. Result is seen in 6 months. More than one session can be done. It is a safe procedure done under local anesthesia. Lakeshore cosmetic surgery center has excellent results

Breast implant

Increasing bust size with a silicone implant is called breast augmentation. It is a cosmetic surgery that is well known in Kerala. It is not only for celebrities, women from all sections opt to have breast augmentation. Women with small breasts feel less confident about their beauty. Sometimes, after breastfeeding is over, there is loss of breast size along with sagging. Breast implant surgery is done by women in 20-45 years age group commonly. Increasing breast size with implants restores


Man boobs or gynecomastia is a distressing problem for young men. Keyhole method of gynecomastia removal has become very common in Kerala. Lakeshore cosmetic dept. had done maximum number of keyhole gynecomastia surgeries in Kerala since 2010. Men with puffy nipples or puffy chest are embarrassed to expose their chest in public and this leads to restriction of many activities. Dr. Hari Menon is the pioneer of keyhole gynecomastia surgery in Kerala since 2010

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