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Hymenoplasty in India

An intact hymen was a symbol of virginity long ago and therefore had significance in most societies/ cultures as a proof of being a virgin.

The hymen gets ruptured in sporting activities, biking, dancing and vaginal sex. The fact that the hymen gets ruptured in non sexual physical activities has led to the nullification of the hymen's significance.

Even in this context, hymen repair is sought after sometimes by women before marriage for personal reasons.

A ruptured hymen can be restored by hymen repair surgery- Hymenoplasty/ hymenoraphy/ re-virgination surgery.

The  hymenoplasty surgery

The remnants of the hymen are visualized and sutured together to recreate the hymen without any visible scars.The sutures dissolve away in 2-3 weeks. Adequate outlet is left for menstural blood to come out.


The Hymenoplasty surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

Recovery after hymen repair

The Hymenoplasty/ re-virgination surgery is a day care procedure and does not require hospital admission. For out of town patients, one night stay in hospital after surgery will be more convenient. Normal activities can be resumed from next day. Gym / weight lifting/ riding bikes should be avoided for 4 weeks after hymen repair surgery. Vaginal sex can be started after 3 weeks.


The Hymenoplasty surgery should be done at least 3 weeks before marriage.

Myths Regarding Hymen -

All virgin women need not have an intact hymen. In fact, only about 55% of virgin women have an intact hymen. The hymen is a flimsy membrane like structure that can get ruptured in an active daily life if it involves sports, dancing, lifting weights, gym, riding bikes etc.

That means that a ruptured hymen does not necessarily indicate that a woman has had vaginal sex.

Hymenoplasty in Kerala, India -

Hymenoplasty/ re-virgination surgery for restoring the hymen is performed at the best hospital in Cochin, India in quality certified surgical facility. The surgery is performed by the Cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Cost of Hymenoplasty surgery-

The approximate total cost of Hymenoplasty surgery in Ernakulam by Dr. Hari Menon varies from INR 45,000 to 60,000 depending on the severity of problem.

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