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Butt reshaping

Butt reshaping in Kerala 

Buttocks have definite aesthetic importance, more so for the female figure. There is no one ideal aesthetic standard for good looking, attractive buttocks; the popular standards change with time, culture and ethnicity. As leaner body frames and tight fitting clothes have gained ground in fashion, most people desire a well proportioned and well toned butt which is ?just right?. Buttock reshaping can be safely and effectively performed in Cochin; Kerala in a quality controlled and accredited hospital facility.

Cosmetic surgery for buttocks

The most common aesthetic problems related to the buttocks are ?

1.    ?Too small? or

2.    ?Too big?.

Both the problems are completely correctable by cosmetic surgery. Other cosmetic problems seen are-

?     Sagging buttocks which are associated with ageing or massive weight loss

?     Soft tissue defects on the butt from previous procedures of injury

?     Severe cellulite

Treatment options

Butt shaping is a surgical art requiring fine hand skills combined with a thorough understanding about butt (gluteal) aesthetics and ethnic variations.

Butt reduction

Butt reduction is performed by liposculpting (fine definition liposuction) and reducing the fat from the butt and adjacent areas. A typical female pattern of weight distribution predisposes to fat deposition on the buttocks and the adjoining areas like outer thighs, lower back and back of the thighs. This causes to make the buttock look too projected and also makes the butt look wide. If short, the butt loses its definition.A heavy butt is also prone to sagging over the years owing to gravity and loss of elasticity of skin. Butt reduction by liposuction is performed with careful planning taking into consideration a 3 dimensional analysis of the gluteal anatomy and aesthetics. Most often, butt lipo is combined with liposuction of the lower back, flanks, outer thighs (saddle bags). The aim of surgery is to downsize the butt and recreate a well defined ?cute? butt.

Butt augmentation (Gluteal augmentation/butt implant)

Increasing the size of the buttocks can be achieved surgically either by inserting butt implant or by injecting fat cells harvested from the persons own body. Butt implants are made of cohesive silicon gel and specially engineered for the butt area. The implants are placed in a sub facial or sub muscular plane using small incisions in easily concealable location. Fat grafting is another effective surgical option in butt enhancement. Fat cells are harvested from abdomen and flanks; processed and then injected in many layers into the butt area. Fat grafting is increasingly being done in cases where enough fat tissue is available. Fat transfer is performed using keyhole technique and has fast recovery.

Butt lift

Sagging of the buttocks occurs due to ageing or following massive weight loss. The buttock tissues fall downwards and outwards and are often associated with loss of volume and wrinkling of skin. Correction of buttock sagging is achieved by butt lift surgery. There are many variations to butt lift; the selection of the technique in any case will depend on the tissue characteristics. In the most commonly performed posterior body lift, incisions are placed just above the butt and within the bikini line. The butt lift surgery is performed as a hospital based surgery and requires 2-3 days of hospital stay. The aim of the surgery is to tighten the sagging buttocks in an upward and inward direction. In cases of massive weight loss, there would be considerable amount of deflation and loose skin above and below the butt as well. A posterior body lift in such cases would improve the contour of the butt, lower back, outer thighs and back of thighs in one surgery. Butt lift may be combined with volume enhancement of the buttocks by autologous tissue transfer (fat grafting, flap rotation) or by using butt implants.

Cost of buttock reshaping in Kerala, India

Buttock reshaping is a customized procedure. The cost of this surgical option will vary considerably based on the surgical plan. If you need to know an approximate cost (exact cost can be known after a clinical examination or after assessing pictures in front and side views), please contact us with your specific problem.

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