Cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss- Kerala,India

After weight loss

Cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss

What is massive weight loss?

There is no strict definition for massive weight loss, any sudden loss of more than 20 kilos can be considered as massive weight loss. The impact of such weight loss will definitely depend on the time frame in which the weight was lost and also the height and previous weight of the individual. Massive weight loss can be achieved by strict calorie restricted diet and exercises or by obesity surgery (Bariatric surgery- sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, lap band, gastric band). Massive weight loss has very positive impact on the health of the person- improvement occurs cardiovascular status, diabetes, sleep apnea, lung function and also increases longevity.

Aesthetic problems after massive weight loss

The sudden loss of volume, deflation, leaves the skin in most areas of the body to hang loose- the abdomen, breasts, arms, thighs and buttocks are mainly affected. The quality of the skin is also affected by severe obesity and massive weight loss- there will be poor skin tone and significant loss of elasticity. After the initial euphoria of having shed the unwanted fat, most people become unhappy by the loose wrinkled skin all over and seek cosmetic surgery for toning up.

Body contouring after massive weight loss

The aesthetic impact of massive weight loss varies from person to person. The variation would be in the degree of skin looseness as well as the areas affected. Body contouring after massive weight loss denotes a combination of cosmetic surgical procedures to correct the loose skin in different body areas. The surgical options for each person have to be tailor made.

Breast lift and volume enhancement

Massive weight loss leads to severe sagging of the breasts due to loss of volume and poor skin elasticity. Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is performed in such cases to reposition the breast to a normal position by removing excess skin and tightening the glandular tissue. Volume restoration may be required in some cases, which is achieved by using implants or by rearranging the breast tissue.

Body lift procedures in India

Body lift is synonymous with body contouring after massive weight loss. There is significant relaxation of the skin and underlying tissues over the abdomen, sides of the trunk, buttocks and thighs.  The actual design for a body lift is customized, the common patterns are

1. Central body lift/ belt lipectomy the loose skin over the abdomen, flanks and buttocks are removed and remaining skin is tightened to create a flat tummy, proper waistline and butt lift all in one go.

2. Posterior body lift- corrects sagging of the buttocks and the ?saddle bags? on the outer thighs. The waist line also improves significantly after this procedure.

Body lift procedures are major cosmetic plastic surgeries requiring hospital stay for 2-3 days after surgery.  Body lift creates dramatic improvement to the body contour. The scars of body lift are placed within the bikini line and are not easily noticeable.

Thigh lift

Thigh lift/thigh-plasty is a cosmetic plastic surgery designed for removing excess skin on the thighs to create well-toned looking thighs.  Loss of volume affects the thighs also following massive weight loss. There will be considerable laxity of skin in the inner upper part of the thighs and in some cases, all around the thighs.

Medial thigh lift is performed when the skin looseness is confined to the inner part of the thighs. In medial thigh lift, an incision is placed in the crease at the top of the thighs.

Circumferential thigh lift is performed when there is loose skin all around the thighs. The incision will be in the inner part of the thigh and will run from the top of thigh to just above the knees. Thigh lift surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other body lift surgeries. The surgery requires 2-3 days of hospital stay and 2 weeks of recovery time.

Preparing for cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss-

      ?     Consider surgery only after weight loss has stabilized.

?     Treat any nutritional imbalance in consultation with obesity surgeon

?     Stop smoking 1 month prior to surgery

?     Make a mental list of  your priority areas for treatment

?     2-3 weeks of recovery time is essential- schedule work accordingly

?     Do proper research on the surgical options.

Cost of body lift surgery in Kerala, India

Body lift and other cosmetic surgery procedures for aesthetic correction following massive weight loss are performed on a regular basis in Kerala by Dr. Hari Menon at hospitals with best facilities. Since the surgical plan is customized in each case, the cost is also widely variable. Please contact us with your surgical requirements, medical info and pictures of the areas to be treated.

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