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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation in Kerala 

Breast enlargement is one of the more common cosmetic plastic surgeries performed worldwide and in India too.Breast augmentation is most often performed for young women with small breasts. Breast augmentation is also done in older women, to correct minor sagging from loss of breast volume and also following breast cancer surgery for reconstruction. The demand for breast enlargement/augmentation is increasing. As awareness of cosmetic surgery and its safety increases, more women are choosing to exercise this surgical option to enhance their body and gain confidence and self esteem.മലയാളത്തിൽ വായിക്കുവാൻ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക

Breast enlargement surgery 

Breast implant surgery in Kerala

Increasing the size of breasts is  achieved  by inserting a pair of breast implants under the breasts. The implants used are made of inert material and does not react with the body. Fat grafting/ Autologous fat transfer is a method of taking ones own fat and transferring to breast to increase breast size. Fat transfer is a good option for breast augmentation if there is enough fat to be taken from body.

Types of breast implants  

Broadly, there are two kinds of breast implants ? saline and silicone. Both have a silicone shell; saline implants are filled with saline solution (same as IV fluid) whereas silicone implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel. The shell can be smooth or textured. The cohesive silicone implants look and feel better and since there are no proven health hazards, they have become the first choice worldwide.


Choosing the right size of mammary implants

The size of implant to be used is chosen by considering many factors. The most important being your own expectation regarding the final breast size. Equally important are the anatomical criteria evaluated by Dr. Hari Menon-that includes your chest size, width of breast parenchyma, tightness of the skin and the projection to be achieved. Implant size can vary from 150 grams to 700 grams, the most commonly used fall between 200 and 350 grams. You can rest assured that the implant size selection is a customized procedure keeping in mind breast aesthetics, long term stability as well as safety aspects.

Result of silicone implant for breast in India
Breast enlargement cosmetic surgery in India
Breast implant result in India

Breast implant surgery

Breast enlargement/ augmentation is most often performed as a day care surgery and under general anesthesia. The surgery takes 60-90 minutes to complete. Dr. Menon uses special illumination and magnification tools to make sure that the dissection is clean and meticulous. Drain tubes may be placed and if so will be removed in 2 days. The sutures used are dissolvable and there is no need for stitch removal.

surgery to increase breast size in Kerala

Recovery after breast augmentation 

Recovery following breast augmentation surgery is generally comfortable. Prescribed medications for the initial week following surgery keeps the discomfort to bare minimum. Numbness on the breast including the nipple and areola can happen in the initial healing phase. Permanent alteration in sensation is  rare after breast augmentation surgery. The breasts will look slightly bigger and harder initially due to the swelling in the tissues. The breasts will feel normal in 4-6 weeks.

Stretching exercises are started from the next day of surgery and light physical activities are allowed. Lifting of weights, heavy physical exertion and fondling of the breasts are not allowed for one month after the surgery. A sports bra is to be worn for a month after the breast surgery. Swimming is allowed 2 weeks after surgery.

Capsular contracture of previous implant corrected in Cochin
Revision surgery for previous breast implants

Complications after breast implant surgery 

Breast implant surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed. The safety record of this surgery is high and incidence of complications is very low.

However like any other surgical procedure breast augmentation also has potential complications. You should talk with your surgeon regarding the possible complications.

1.Capsular contracture- all implants get covered by a flimsy layer of tissue called capsule as body?s natural response. In some cases the capsule becomes too thick and can cause distortion of the implants. Capsular contracture is apparently seen more in western population, although there are no comparative data. 

2.Rupture- of implants can happen if you get involved in major accident or violent trauma to the chest. A ruptured implant does not cause any harm, but should be removed and replaced.

3.Re operation- breast implants do not last a life time. Patients undergoing breast implant surgery are likely to undergo re operation at some point during their lifetime.

4.Infection- this is one of the least encountered problems.
5. ALCL- Anaplastic large cell lymphoma- is a rare form of lymphoma that is associated with breast implants.ALCL is a lymphoma and not a cancer of breast tissue. The incidence of ALCL in breast implant cases is considered to be low, one in 50,000 as per one study. The actual incidence, reasons etc are still being evaluated globally. Most of the reported cases were associated with textured implants. Click on the link to read more 

6.Other possible problems include-

Bottoming out

Mal position

Decrease in sensation

Visible scar



Anesthesia related problems

Result after breast implant surgery in Kerala
Breast implant surgery result in Cochin
Best result after breast enlargement in Kerala

Breast implants and  breast cancer  

There is no evidence to suggest that breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer. If a person having breast implants develops breast cancer, there is no difference in the survival rates. Breast implants can decrease the efficiency of mammography to detect early breast cancer, but when a combination of mammography and breast self examination is used for cancer screening; the detection rates are not affected. This is because the implant pushes up the breast tissue and causes some amount of thinning of breast tissue which makes any lump more easily detectable by touch.

Breast imaging after implant surgery- breast implants can interfere with mammography and make its interpretation difficult. Alternative imaging methods like sono mammogram and MRI scan will retain high sensitivity even after breast augmentation surgery. 

Breast implant result in India

Breast implant in women with family history of breast cancer ? even with a positive family history, breast implant surgery can be undertaken and followed up regularly by screening techniques like mammography, breast self examination and MRI scans.

Breast feeding after breast implant  

as the breast implant is placed below the breast glands, milk production and secretion is not affected, unless the incision is made around the areola. Mothers with breast implants are encouraged to breast feed. 

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Cost of breast implant surgery in Kerala

Total approximate cost of breast augmentation with the best quality cohesive gel implants as a day care procedure can vary from INR 130,000- 175,000. Dr. Hari Menon performs affordable breast implant surgery at the best hospital in Ernakulam, Kerala.  Click to see more photos of Breast implant surgery


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