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Lakeshore cosmetic surgery center

Kerala’s first cosmetic surgery department headed by Dr. Hari Menon started in 2010. Since then, this center is regarded as the best place for cosmetic surgery in Kerala. For more than a decade now, Lakeshore cosmetic surgery dept. has delivered quality care with good safety standards for all major cosmetic surgeries. This center is part of a NABH quality accredited hospital with all facilities available. When the Lakeshore cosmetic surgery dept. was envisaged as the only dedicated cosmetic surgery center in Kerala in 2010, it was seen as a challenging proposition. But the focus on only cosmetic surgeries paid off and it soon became the most sought after place for cosmetic surgery in Kerala. Lakeshore hospital has acquired fame in Kerala and abroad as a top quality hospital with modern amenities and IS attracting patients from all over the world. For people seeking cosmetic surgery, safety is of utmost importance and hence they prefer surgery in VPS Lakeshore hospital.

Consultant Cosmetic surgeon

Dr. Hari Menon M.S;M.Ch

It is not surprising that Dr. Hari is regarded as the best cosmetic surgeon in Kerala and among the most popular. Dr. Hari has 20+ years’ experience in Plastic surgery. He was selected for M.Ch program in Mumbai’s Grant medical college, a premier and pioneering institute for plastic surgery in 2001. He further worked in a dedicated cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai for 5 years before starting the Lakeshore cosmetic surgery dept. When Dr. Hari decided to be an exclusive cosmetic surgeon at the beginning of his career, he was among only a handful of such Plastic surgeons in India. Dr. Hari pioneered keyhole gynecomastia surgery in Kerala. Drain-less tummy tuck and breast reduction surgeries is the routine here since 2010, much before most surgeons in India. In the last 13 years thousands of cosmetic surgeries have been done at his dept. Tummy tuck, breast reduction, gynecomastia surgery, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, face rejuvenation and hair transplantation are the most common procedures done.

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