Ear correction in Cochin,Kerala,India

Ear correction

Well, most people have heard and know about cosmetic surgery. By definition, Cosmetic Surgery refers to any surgery that modifies or improves the appearance of a physical feature, irregularity, or defect. That means Cosmetic Surgery changes a normally functioning part of the body to make it look better. Since Cosmetic Surgery improves form and appearance it is also referred to as aesthetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is one kind/ subset of Plastic surgery, which is a broader field of surgery primarily concerned with molding/ moving tissues for healing, improving function or to reconstruct defects from birth or acquired later by?  trauma or surgery.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is sought after for two main reasons- improving body shape/figure or to fight the visible ageing changes. Cosmetic surgery has moved from a mysterious, obscure art to a well studied and propagated scientific surgical art form.

For decades cosmetic surgery was considered as an option only for the vain and glamorous. Today the majority of people seeking aesthetic enhancement are regular people from all walks of life. And they are seeking cosmetic surgery not for vanity, for almost all of them this is a way to enhance their self esteem and confidence. This is a very valid reason. And it is not very different from people’s aspiration to wear better clothes, live in a better house/neighborhood or to send children to the best school. If the bottom line in life is happiness and if an improved self image leads there, why not?While you consider Cosmetic Surgery, it is important to know the scope and limitations to the particular surgery you want to undergo. That is why a detailed discussion with your surgeon is all important.

It is vital to know that Cosmetic Surgery will not change somebody completely; it can enhance existing features, bring about an appealing look or restore a much more youthful appearance.