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Neck lift

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 What causes lack of jaw line definition?

Double chin is a term usually used to describe an excess fold of skin and fat under the chin. This becomes more obvious when the neck is flexed/ bent down. The double chin seen in young people is usually due to excess fat from weight gain. In some cases the chin is small and this contributes further to the double chin look.

The situation changes as age progresses. The neck skin and underlying tissues starts to lose tone and sag progressively. As a result, there are jowls and neck bands to deal with. The appearance of neck bands is a sure sign of ageing. There is an element of genetic predisposition also- some people have prominent neck bands quite early on. This could be because of a variation in the Platysma muscle anatomy is such cases. The face &neck tissues reduce in volume as age progresses beyond fifties which contributes to skin laxity and the lack of jaw definition.

A sharp/ well defined jaw line is a desirable facial feature and also a sign of youthfulness. The angle between the chin and neck (cervico-mental angle) should ideally be an acute angle. The cervico-mental angle becomes blunted in certain situations which include

 Excess fat deposits in the under chin area 

 A small chin and

 Sagging of tissues in jaw line and neck due to ageing

Facial Liposuction /chubby face correction

In young people, the double chin is correctable in most instances by fine definition facial liposuction. Liposuction of the face is safe when performed by an experienced lipo sculptor using very fine canula and gentle technique. The tiny marks of Liposuction of face are hidden behind the ears or in the neck-chin crease. Most cases of double chin also have excess fat on the lower parts of the face creating a ?chubby face? look. This fat also can be removed by facial Liposuction without any visible marks. Removal of the cheek fat pad (Buccal fat pad excision) is required in some cases to obtain a chiseled look on the face.

Chin augmentation

If the chin is small, it creates an imbalance in the facial features. This can create a chubby look or makes the double chin more prominent. A pre fabricated silicone chin implant inserted without any external marks helps to achieve facial harmony and thereby correct chubby look or decrease the double chin. Chin implant surgery can be performed at the same time as facial Liposuction.

Chin lift/ Neck lift-

Sagging of facial skin due to ageing can be corrected by rejuvenation surgery- a neck lift (usually combined with face lift surgery) operation will reposition the tissues and tighten the face and neck skin to restore a taut jaw line. Neck bands are also treated at the same time. Face Liposuction is also performed at the same time if required. The incisions for a neck lift are placed in natural skin creases which makes them hard to detect once healing is complete. Dr. Menon performs corset platysmoplasty technique for neck lifts which ensures very long lasting and powerful correction of ageing changes.

Botox for neck bands

Prominent neck bands seen in relatively younger ages- late 40?s and early 50?s are usually due to prominence of the margins of the Platysma muscle. This is correctable by weakening the margins of the Platysma muscle by Botox/ Neuronox injections. The effect of Botox lasts for 4-6 months. Botox treatment can be simultaneously taken for forehead lines, frown lines, Botox brow lift and to correct droopy corners of mouth.

Recovery time

Facial Liposuction or liposculpting is usually performed as a day care surgery. A chin strap is to be worn for 2 weeks after the surgery to provide skin support. Most of the swelling and bruising resolves in 2 weeks. The recovery following neck lift is similar. A chin strap is required following neck lift also.

Benefits of surgery

These procedures are performed to create a well chiseled youthful face with a sharp jaw line. A lean well defined face is considered as desirable. Facial Liposuction and chubby face correction is meant to create that look.

Neck lift is ideal for people in the age group 45-80 years and can be performed alone or in combination with facelift surgery. A ?clean? neck is youthful and so much sought after.

Complications/ bad outcomes following these procedures are uncommon. Being one of the most visible areas of the body, cosmetic surgery to the face and neck requires careful planning, skill and gentle technique.

Haematoma, prolonged bruising, minor asymmetry and temporary nerve damage can happen in rare instances. Smokers, diabetics and people with uncontrolled high blood pressure are more prone to complications.

Cosmetic neck surgery in Kerala, India-

Fine definition face Liposuction, chubby face correction, chin augmentation and neck lift surgeries are available and performed by Dr. Hari Menon at quality accredited facility of international repute in Cochin, India.